Sunday, September 9, 2012

Universal Applause is at least Two Thirds of a Scandal

When I forget that not everyone likes everything, I read this passage:
Books, and Dishes have this Common Fate; there was never any One, of Either of them, that pleas'd All Palates. And, in Truth, it is a Thing as little to be Wish'd for, as Expected; For, an Universal Applause is at least Two Thirds of a Scandal. So that though I deliver up these Papers to the Press, I invite no Man to the Reading of them: And, whosoever Reads, and Repents; it is his Own Fault. To Conclude, as I made this Composition Principally for my Self, so it agrees exceedingly Well with My Constitution; and yet, if any Man has a Mind to take part with me, he has Free Leave, and Welcome. But, let him Carry this Consideration along with him, that He's a very Unmannerly Guest, that presses upon another Bodies Table, and then Quarrels with his Dinner.
-- From the preface and postscript to the anthology Seneca's Morals by Way of Abstract, Sir Roger L'Estrange, 1673

(Yes, I am being very post-y today!)

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