Thursday, January 16, 2014

I need your help!!!

Okay … so Sever is chugging along, and things are getting really interesting now! ***Fanning face.*** That said, I have a long-winded question for anyone out there waiting for the third book. …

First, a little background: Up until now, I've kept The Ever Series at around a PG-13 rating. Well, Sever is quickly veering into a make-your-blood-boil R rating. (And, apologies to Ever fans out there, but Alex is still winning, by the way.) As a result, I'm contemplating two "editions" for the third book, one being a more mild edition (for a broader audience), as well as an "unabridged" edition for anyone interested in what happens after things fade to black, if you get my meaning. If I only publish one edition, it will be the PG-13 version -- and I'll keep the unabridged edition under lock and key.

My question: Is anyone interested in seeing Sever in its unabridged form?

If you are, let me know so that I can plan to publish two versions. Pretty much the only difference will be certain scenes getting (way) toned down in the PG-13 edition.

You can vote to the left! And please feel free to e-mail me at cj.valles.4ever (at) gmail (dot) com or author (at) cjvalles (dot) com. Or post a comment!

Thank you!