Monday, October 7, 2013

Never is available on!

Never is (once again) available for purchase on Buy it here.

And stay tuned for news about Sever!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fairy tales

I'm back -- finally! After a long, strange summer that was less than productive due to an unbelievably successful "side project" (as well as some very obnoxious health issues), I am back in Everland. And, as usual, I'm pulling a lot of inspiration from fairy tales.

I grew up on the one below, and it's currently providing a wealth of inspiration for Sever. The question is: who will turn out to be the prince? ;-) As far as I can tell, fans of The Ever Series in the United States seem to be rooting for Ever; fans in the UK seem partial to Alex. Interesting, no?

As for me, the prince of my heart tends to be whichever character's scene I'm writing at the moment. Right now ... Alex is my man.

Stay tuned. Teasers to come!


P.S. -- When I have a firm publish date, I'll post it here!