Thursday, September 6, 2012

A bit of randomness

I have this memory -- a fragment of a memory, really -- about a story that I read when I was probably in grade school. It was about a girl who was receiving anonymous letters from a secret admirer. Really, the only thing I remember about it, other than the premise, is the ending. I was so stunned when I found out that main character had been writing the letters to herself to enlist the sympathy/interest of the guy she was interested in!!!

I still remember reading the last page. It was the last letter written by her "secret admirer" in which the main character exposed that it was all a trick (she wrote the letter to herself). ... Clearly it's stuck with me. The only problem is that I don't remember anything else about the story/book! Not the author, title. Nothing.

Just the ending.

Does anyone else have a random memory from childhood that you just can't put a finger on? Something that continues to lurk in the back of your brain driving you crazy at the oddest moments?

Randomness over.

(Bonus points to anyone who knows what story/book I'm referring to!)

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