Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Random weekly teaser

I just realized that the week is half over -- and I haven't done a weekly teaser for Never, which is still with the editor. On another note, I am very happy (and thoroughly relieved given the long break I took after finishing Never's first draft) to say that I've spent the past two days -- hoping to make this three -- working on the third book. And w-o-w. This one is already surprising me. But I can't give anything away, obviously, considering Never has yet to arrive.

Next up, I'm just dying to show off the concept art behind For Ever's cover redesign. My designer took an idea that I wasn't sure would work and made it look so awesome! Beautiful, colorful, haunting, creepy -- love it! And I'm going out of my mind waiting to see what he does with Never's cover. So exciting to get two covers back-to-back!

That's all for now! Well, except for this ...

*** Never's weekly teaser ***

The hero doesn’t always win; he just survives.

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