Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Never's weekly teasers

After receiving a very kind e-mail* from a fan of For Ever, I've decided to start releasing a Never quote (or scene) until the book is released. If things moves along full-speed ahead, then maybe the book will come out before I've shared all 24 teasers. ... Hmm, now that would be awesome. We'll see.

Stay tuned. I have other big news in the works!

* A big thank-you to Gena for her praise of For Ever.

*** Bonus teaser after the jump *** 

  “Would you dance with me?”
I spin around and find him behind me holding a single white rose. I’m relieved, but I still wasn’t expecting this.
“Now? Here?”
He nods and takes my hand. When he brings me in closer, I swallow.
“Close your eyes,” he says softly.
“Why?” I challenge.
He leans down, his lips grazing my ear.
“Always arguing. Let’s just say I want to try something.”

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