Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Am I paranoid?

Yes, you're paranoid! Okay, unless you've listened to "Original Pirate Material" by The Streets (2002 -- that long ago?!), I guess my little inside joke makes no sense. But it gives me a laugh every time. Truth be told, most of my pop culture reference points are a little bit off the beaten path. However, I am indeed paranoid. About a great number of things, in fact. Call it my inherent neurosis.

To overcome this, when I published For Ever -- without an agent or a publisher -- I was very much like my MC Wren when she told herself that she didn't care if she sat alone at lunch for the rest of her junior year. I told myself that I didn't care if anyone read or liked For Ever. That was a big, fat lie. I care deeply, but I am not seeking universal applause. I'm hoping for about 50/50. I think eventually that's what it comes down to. Some people will love it; others not so much.

People have vastly different opinions, and the ones I'm hoping to reach are those who stay up all night reading before anxiously awaiting the next chapter in Wren and Ever's story -- you know who you are!

Never is going to be a wild ride, and I'm actually finding that I'm even more excited about this one than I was about For Ever. (I still love the first book, of course!) Ooh, and I almost forgot ... I'm going to be posting a playlist of some songs I had playing (over and over) while I wrote For Ever.

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