Wednesday, September 12, 2012

For Ever’s Playlist

My playlist for The Ever Series is a constantly evolving thing. During the writing and editing For Ever (sequel is with the editor now!), I had a lot of songs on repeat and found that sometimes the lyrics fit a particular point in the story well. Other times, it was more the sound of a certain song. But overall, music is an integral part of my writing process, even though sometimes I don't even notice it's playing in the background!

I tend to gravitate toward stuff that isn’t top 40 (or at least isn’t anymore), and most of it’s a little eerie and/or sad. I always have iTunes going while I’m writing; it feels like something is missing if I don't. Then, when I’m not writing, I barely listen at all. Not sure why. I guess music equals inspiration and vice versa. I haven't listened to music much since finishing Never, but I'm planning to start up again -- soon -- for the third book.

So, if you're looking for a completely random list of songs, here it is:

Chapter 1: Smile Like I Mean It
- Smile Like You Mean It, The Killers

Chapter 2: This Is Nowhere
- Porcelina Of The Vast Oceans, Smashing Pumpkins

Chapter 3: Perfect
- Rest My Chemistry, Interpol

Chapter 4: Caring Is Creepy
- See My Friends, Gravenhurst

Chapter 5: Blank Page
- Rhinoceros, Smashing Pumpkins
- Right Where It Belongs, Nine Inch Nails

Chapter 6: Momentary Thing
- Elegia, New Order

Chapter 7: Run
- Jellybelly, Smashing Pumpkins
- Where Boys Fear to Tread, Smashing Pumpkins
- A Place to Hide, White Lies

Chapter 8: Tear Me Apart
- Death, White Lies

Chapter 9: Space Boy
- Alice, Cocteau Twins

Chapter 10: Disappear Completely
- Gasoline Rain, Moondog

Chapter 11: Love
- Minerva, Deftones
- Half of You, Cat Power

Chapter 12: Unfinished Business
- Popplagi›, Sigur Rós

Chapter 13: My Friends
- Kids, MGMT
- Young Folks, Peter Bjorn and John

Chapter 14: The Silence
- Everlong, Foo Fighters
- Intro, The XX

Chapter 15: Mirror
- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (Guess the song!)
- How to Disappear Completely, Radiohead

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