Sunday, September 2, 2012

*** Teaser *** from Chapter 2 of Never

Here's a little taste of Never, from the second chapter. (All will be explained in the book.)

*** Spoilers ahead ***

As we pick our way through a bright green vineyard, Ever keeps a firm grip on me like he thinks I’ll evaporate. And I’m not sure that I won’t. We walk for several minutes before reaching a gravel road, and as we come around the bend, I see another large, ancient stone structure with several cars parked out front. At the front door, there’s an imposing-looking man in a black suit and black sunglasses—with a large gun holstered on his hip. Without breaking his stride, Ever continues to pull me along, closer to the man with the gun. I watch, panicked, as the man tilts his head toward his chest and starts speaking rapidly. Then, in slow motion, I see him reach down and draw the weapon. All my eyes can focus on is the barrel of the gun as he levels it on us and gestures.
ArrĂȘtez! Levez les mains en l’air!”
The man’s intent is clear—hands up, or else. I begin to lift my hands in the air until Ever turns his eyes in the man’s direction and raises his arm. Instantly, the guard is blown backward into the door behind him with a dull thud. Without pausing, Ever turns his attention to the closest car, and I hear the locks pop up. When he opens the passenger side door, I jump in without question. The next thing I know, Ever is in the driver’s seat with the engine running, and we’re suddenly hurtling back the way we came on the gravel road. When we reach a small, unmarked intersection, several cars race past us as Ever pushes the gas even harder. The car rockets forward, pressing me into the leather seatback. Biting my lip and staring out the window, I try to keep myself from coming apart at the seams.
Am I safe? Is the nightmare over?

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