Sunday, September 9, 2012

Don't get hijacked by creepy Web sites

Okay, I was going to do a much more cheerful blog post, but that will have to wait, because creepiness lurks on the Internet. (Gasp!) I just found one of my recent posts linked from a creepy Web site. *Heavy sigh* Again. My advice: don't click on any links and/or suspect Web sites. A few I've had experience with since publishing For Ever include:

Mobile9 (
Phoneky (
Broken Controllers (

The site is the most recent weird site I've found claiming to have a post about For Ever.  I saw a very helpful post from a blogger in the UK who was trying to get her information taken down from the site. I only hope I have better luck than I did with some of these other sites that host pirated content, because I didn't even get a response in those cases.

If any site is promising you free stuff or more information (about pretty much anything), it's more than likely putting spyware on your computer. I've definitely been tempted: Where does that link go? Am I going to get something cool? Alas, I've never gotten anything cool from clicking on a questionable link. Nope. Usually just a headache. And if some site is claiming to be "giving something away for free," then I'm extra-special creeped out. After all, what is that site getting out of it and what do they want from me (other than to steal my account information)?

Surf safely. Avoid creepy Web sites.


  1. Hi! Did you have any luck when you tried to get them to take the link down? I found the same gal you did (from the UK) and took her advice. Just sent them an email...will let you know if I hear anything back.

  2. Hi, Andi. Sorry it's taken me a while to get back to you. Been on vacation! Unfortunately, I haven't had luck with most of the creepy sites I've had trouble with. I sent a cease & desist to one and got no response. If you hear back, definitely let me know. It might re-inspire me to deal with it! Good luck!!! CJ

  3. Hi CJ,

    Just got hit on my blog, with 4 of my blog posts being hijacked by the lovely people at brokencontrollers. Sent an email to MB Julien at the site and they removed the content overnight. ("Poisonous Google Indexing")

    Now, that's all well and good, however, their actions have reduced the traffic to my site on a mammoth scale. Today, I had 1/12 the normal traffic through my blog. Really disappointed at people in the world who think it's OK to do no hard work and reap other peoples rewards.

    Some people have no conscience and clearly no respect for those that work hard at their dreams!

    J - LottoSales

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