Monday, July 14, 2014

Good news!

My editor is halfway through Sever ... and he says he has no idea how it's going to end! I see this as a great sign -- because typically he has an uncanny ability to guess the end of a book or movie before the halfway point. Seriously, it's creepy. So, with any luck, he will be finished by the end of this week. Then it's just up to me to get the finishing touches done.

Now, more good news: I may be releasing another book (or two!) shortly after Sever. Ever's version of For Ever is one of them, and the other is sort of a top-secret project I finished on a long time ago that I only recently decided to revisit. I'm still not absolutely sure I want to publish it (sort of a private favorite of mine), so I guess only time will tell.

In any case, I'll be back soon with more updates ... and teasers!


1 comment:

  1. Ahh! Thank you for keeping us updated! I can't wait to read Sever. And I've always been bad at guessing what will happen at the end of a book or movie. But it keeps things interesting and makes the end a surprise so I guess that's one good thing about it :) Can't wait to read Sever! ^_^