Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A nail-biting Sever teaser

A little of Alex now ... Plus, I may have some big announcements coming up. Stay tuned!

Suddenly he’s standing over me, and that’s when I realize that the blade I just dropped is being held against my neck.
“Does your cruelty know no bounds, highness?” he spits with venomous loathing.
Alex doesn’t recognize me. I came here to save him, and now Alex is going to end my existence. I take a moment to appreciate the irony—that the one who saved me is going to be the one to kill me.
“Alex?” I whisper. “Please.”
I feel the knife cut deeper into my skin as his features cloud over in confusion. Closing my eyes, I wait for the end.

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  1. Oh wow! C.J. do you know how much torture it is to just read teasers! I want to read all of Sever already! :3 pretty please with a cherry on top? :)