Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Welcome to For Ever

For Ever

Some people might like being able to pick up on others’ thoughts with eye contact. Not sixteen-year-old Wren Sullivan. Wren is sick of finding out what people are really thinking about her—because it mostly sucks. Kind of like life after her parents get divorced. So, when she and her mom move a thousand miles north to Portland, Oregon, she’s hoping for a fresh start. Instead, her life really starts to get weird—fast. It starts with her ending up in the hospital for a total freak out. Then, in an eerie coincidence, a classmate she’s never even met disappears the very same day before reappearing weeks later like nothing happened. That’s when she finds out that everyone’s been right about this guy. Ever Casey is perfect—on the outside. But when Wren digs a little deeper, she finds his mind is also perfect … perfectly empty. Or is there something he doesn’t want her to see there—something evil?

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  1. Loved For Ever, could not put the book down!! When is the second book being released?

  2. Hi, bambalina! Yay! You're the first to comment. I just posted, but to answer your question: Valentine's Day 2013!!! I will be releasing some spoilers and little tidbits here and there, so stay tuned!