Monday, April 23, 2012

Big-time indie authors and lil ol' me

By now, almost everyone has heard of Amanda Hocking and Darcie Chan, right? They are two of the most notable indie author phenoms (or she-noms?) to come out of online publishing. When I started my first writing project after a long dry spell, I had never even heard of either one -- probably because it was March of 2006.

Since that time, I have started and/or finished at least six books, only two of which I tried to send via the traditional publishing route. Meaning I looked for an agent -- twice -- and then decided I wanted to get For Ever out there. My first book -- also YA paranormal fiction, which I so loved writing for many reasons -- will probably never see the light of day. But writers like Hocking and Chan have become my heroines and gurus, and I hope The Ever Series gains its own die-hard fans in the future.

Coming soon ... I have a little teaser from the sequel to For Ever. Stay tuned.

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