Wednesday, April 25, 2012

For Ever hits the top 20 Children's Love & Romance Literature FREE category

Keep it going! For Ever is up to #19 in Amazon's Children's Love & Romance Literature FREE category. (That's a lot of free downloads since 10 o'clock last night!) And it's still up for free for about another nine hours or so.

I hope that everyone who has enjoyed For Ever so far tells their friends! I've got another job -- in addition to writing the sequel to For Ever -- so the more books I sell for $0.99, the more time I can devote to the sequel. ... Speaking of which, if you've finished reading For Ever, drop in and say hi in the comments, and I'll know there are some people out there ready for a taste of Never, coming Valentine's Day 2013 -- or sooner, depending on how many books I sell between now and then!

And for those of you who have posted those incredibly kind five-star comments on Amazon, you guys are the best! It's great to get some positive feedback.

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