Friday, August 15, 2014

Wren's playlist of utter randomness

For those of you who have read For Ever (or all three books!), you'll know that Wren's a little off-center. Well, her playlist is equally random. She listens to stuff for the sound and feel of it. She doesn't really keep track of what's in at the moment; she's just as likely to listen to a song she heard her parents playing when she was eight.

Promise, Ben Howard*
Doll Parts, Hole
Love Will Tear Us Apart, Joy Division
Smile Like You Mean It, The Killers
Décollage, Les Balayeurs Du Désert
Midnight City, M83
Fade Into You, Mazzy Star
Blue Monday, New Order
I've Got Dreams to Remember, Otis Redding
Young Folks, Peter Bjorn and John
Love My Way, The Psychedelic Furs
All I Need, Radiohead
Spaceboy, Smashing Pumpkins
The Diamond Sea, Sonic Youth
To Lose My Life, White Lies
Rhinocerous, Smashing Pumpkins
Elegia, New Order

* This is the song I imagined toward the end of Sever.

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  1. I'm kind of like Wren where I listen to music for the feel of it, but I do keep track of the music that everyone likes and most often don't like it. And I don't like the music my parents listened to when I was younger. But I'm glad you found music to fit Wren. It definitely contributes to her uniqueness :)