Monday, September 1, 2014

Ever is coming ...

And -- oh my god is he HOT. You read For Ever from Wren's perspective, but nothing can prepare you for seeing the story through Ever Casey's scorching green eyes ...

Teaser after the jump. Read at your own risk.

She laughs before it turns into a jagged sob. Kneeling down in front of her, I watch as her eyes fill with tears. I feel feeble and weak for my inability to protect her from this or even to comfort her properly. Finally something inside me snaps, and I relent, reaching for her. Taking her hands in mine, I pull her to her feet and wrap her in my arms.
I close my eyes as I feel her breathing shudder. The pleasure is more than I can bear, and given another moment, I will do something I regret. Steadying her, I take a step back, my muscles tightening as she looks up at me, the green of her eyes now a blazing green.
“No harm is going to come to you,” I whisper fiercely. “I won’t allow it.”


  1. OMG! This is just...perfect! THIS teaser shows a small part of why I love Ever so much. Like seriously, when it came down to Ever and Alex in book 2, it was easy to tell who I preferred after all the time and it's still Ever. I don't think I'll change my mind, ever (no pun intended) :D I can't wait to read the whole book! I'm sure I'll swoon for him all over again :)

  2. Hey, Hillary! LOL! I've totally fallen in love with Ever all over again seeing things from his point of view. I hope you're enjoying the rest of summer ... It's already starting to look like fall a little bit in Portland. Not sure how I feel about that. :-/ I'll be back soon with more updates. Keep me posted on what's going on with you! Take care, CJ

    1. Hi C.J.! You are so lucky it looks like Fall in Portland. The Summer here in Cali is never ending and I'm getting tired of it. It's so hot during the day and at night it hardly cool to keep the windows open. This weather is so torturous (is that even a word?). And Summer right now, although the icky weather, is pretty relaxing. A lot happened, but that would be super long to write. I'll definitely keep you posted though! -hillary