Sunday, August 3, 2014

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When Sever ends, will it be For Ever? 

I close my eyes, remembering his last words.

Wren Sullivan, I shall never forget you.

Alex saved me and cursed me. And now, even a year later, he haunts me. Maybe for the rest of my life. Feelings I’ve kept buried for the past year suddenly overwhelm me. Guilt … confusion … and the fear that I will never have control of anything—including myself—again in this lifetime.


When Wren Sullivan’s enemy sacrificed himself to save her, it should have been happily ever after with her true love, Ever Casey. The problem is: she can’t forget Alex Rousseau. Now, as a new enemy presents himself—and Wren begins to discover long-held secrets from a world across the dimensional divide—she must make choice after impossible choice as her mortal world is torn apart by a battle between immortal beings who have existed eons longer than she has been alive.

On top of that, her eighteenth birthday is coming up. And prom. And graduation. The question is: will she make it that far?


  1. The cover is different, but I like it! It also makes me wonder what happens in the story since there's shattered glass and Wren looks scared...When will the book be available in print? I can't wait to read Sever! :D

  2. Hi Hillary! It feels so good to be done! Unfortunately, the paperback copy isn't going to be out for a while. There just isn't a lot of demand -- and it costs $$$$. :-( I'll definitely keep you posted, though. For right now, I'm focusing on Ever's version of For Ever! ;-) CJ

    1. I'll definitely be waiting. Thanks for letting me know. And I can't wait to read Ever too! :D Congrats by the way on finally having Sever released :)