Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hillary, you rock!

This week I got a wonderful letter about Never from Hillary, my friend and For Ever fan (aka sweetest girl ever). Plus, she took time out of her busy college schedule to outline all of her favorite quotes, telling me why she liked them.

By far the best compliment I've gotten about Never (ahem, Ever in particular):

"I wish he was real ..."

LOL! Me, too!!! Seriously, it was so nice to read Hillary's insightful comments, and since she's a writer, too, I'm looking forward to reading her future books when she publishes them!

Thank you so much, Hillary!


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  1. Thank you! You're so kind to post about my letter. But seriously, anyone who doesn't wish Ever was real is crazy! :p I can't wait to finish my story either! I'd really like to send one of my (what I call sample) stories (one a chapter though) and see what you think. I'm debating on continuing it or not. Have a good day! -H