Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I saw Ever last night

Last night, I could have sworn I saw Ever. It was eerie. I was driving by the gas station on the way to the store, and I looked over. There was a guy leaning against the wall at the side of the gas station, and for that half second I just thought, "Oh, whoa! Ever ..."

Hmm, maybe he's out there somewhere, sprung from my imagination. Shivers.

Plus, I started a super secret project over the weekend that I'm kind of in love with! (Yes, it's Ever-related!) Unfortunately, it's been distracting me from the third book in The Ever Series, which is not good. I may have more details by the weekend.



  1. I can't believe you saw Ever! That's sorta awesome and scary at the same time...what if he came to life? :P Hopefully it's just his look-a-like though :)

  2. That's what imagination is for -- to entertain us when we get bored, right? ;-) That's how For Ever got written. By saying, hmmm, what if? So, are you almost done with finals? Hope so, 'cause you should be getting For Ever in a couple of days! Woo hoo!

    1. Of course it is...if only you saw how I blank out at random times from thinking about stuff or daydreaming :) I am in fact almost done with finals. After Tuesday I will be officially done with all of my finals and Fall semester 12'. Yay! I can't wait to get For Ever! It must be the most anticipated book for me in a while n_n

    2. Nevermind, I actually got the book today! n_n!!! Thank you! And thanks for everything you wrote! :D