Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"A love letter" to For Ever's fans

I recently took a little break from the third book in The Ever Series to work on what someone (she knows who she is) called "a love letter to For Ever's fans." It's just the start of something, and I'm going to be putting it up for free on Amazon and -- most likely -- here very soon. Sort of an early Christmas present to those of you interested in "the other side" of For Ever. (Ha! I think I just gave away the surprise.)

Depending on the response I get, I may think about making this my next project. We'll see. And for those of you who have reached out, thank you! It is so appreciated. It keeps me going on the days I've thought about quitting.

I hope everyone has been having a safe and happy holiday season.

Best wishes,


  1. OMG!!! I can't wait to read this! So this was the big secret! lol And I'm glad you didn't quit...I don't think The Ever series should be incomplete because there's a lot going on. And if it hadn't been finished I'd be sad that there wasn't anything more to read to keep me at the edge of my seat. You're also a big influence to me, a support, friend, and you also managed to support me the best of ways: with helpful advice. So I'm glad you didn't quit :) Oh, and let me know when my chunky letter makes it's way to you please haha n_n

  2. Hey, Hillary! Ahh! I'm so glad you finally got your hands on For Ever. LOL! You've been one of my biggest cheerleaders, so you totally deserve it! I haven't been down to the mailbox recently, so I'll have to go check it a little later. You are a sweetheart! When do you go back to school? Are you busy on your book? How did the character drawings turn out? ;-) CJ

  3. I'm glad I got my hands on For Ever! lol n_n And I'm so glad I've been one of your cheerleaders :) Makes me happy. Oh, I don't mean it's going to be there soon. If I'm lucky the letter should get there sometime next week. I just sent it out yesterday (the letter should explain why I took so long). I go back to school sometime in January...and I'm kind of trying to get my permit then license (I feel like the only teen that doesn't drive yet). My friend is still working on the drawings. But I saw two of my character sketches and I felt so giddy and happy! I can't wait to share them with you!

  4. That's awesome! Can't wait to see the drawings! I totally know what you mean about feeling giddy about a project. It's exciting seeing something in your imagination come to life! And don't worry about the driving thing! It took me *forever* (no pun intended) to get my license, and I felt the exact same way. Then you get it, and everybody wants you to drive them everywhere! Besides, it's the stuff that you do that's different from everybody else that ends up helping you the most when you're writing. If you do everything the same as everyone else, what do you have to write about? LOL. Good luck with the permit and your license!!! Let me know how it goes!

  5. When I saw the drawings I felt like I was finally progressing with something which makes me believe I'll accomplish what I want to do even more. Haha I'm definitely not going to drive everyone wherever they want to go. One of the main reasons I want to drive is to have a part time job to make extra money. The end and beginning of years are always filled with birthdays. That's good to know :) I will! Thanks for the support! ^_^