Thursday, December 13, 2012

For those of you who have read For Ever

A dear, sweet friend sent this to me as a present, and I hope she doesn't mind me sharing a picture, because I was just too excited when I opened it up! For those of you who have read For Ever, do you recognize this???


  1. That's awesome! I love the infinity sign! I think it's so romantic when associated with never ending love! (:

  2. Thanks, Cara! I nearly died when I opened it. Very cool to see "the" necklace in real life and not just in my head! On another note ... I've got a little surprise for For Ever's fans -- hoping to get it done before Christmas. Fingers crossed!

  3. I do remember where it comes from ;) And now that I know what the infinity sign means in you're book, it's just so romantic! Is that how it actually looks like? Or almost? Either way I still love it! You're friend is awesome to have sent you such a wonderful gift! :]