Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My editor is done with edits -- and I got the cover!!!

My editor finished edits on Ever over the weekend and said it's pretty clean overall. AND my designer sent over the final files for Ever's cover.

Right now, I'm working on a super-secret project that's probably going to end up under a pen name, but I promise I'm going to get to Ever's edits as soon as possible. As far as a release date for the book,  I'm thinking late December since there seem to be two main book-buying seasons -- summertime and right after the holidays. But we'll see. I may be putting it up for pre-sale before then, so keep an eye out!

And now ...


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  1. Oh.My.Gawd.!!!! I think I just fell in love with Ever all over again. I love it and I'm more excited than ever to read his story. It would definitely be nice to be in his head for once (even if some of the things he thinks are crazy). I can't wait! Congrats C.J.! On everything! :D -HIllary