Thursday, October 16, 2014

A little taste of Ever

With any luck, Ever will be going up for pre-sale on Amazon very soon. I'm also in the middle of a number of other projects. In the meantime, here's another little teaser.
More updates soon!

… I pull off my shirt and strip out of my remaining clothing as I walk toward the rear of the house. Pausing at the edge of the pool, I dive in. The water, while icy at first touch, warms immediately as my energy travels through the molecules. The feeling is seductive and soothing all at once. These are, perhaps, the most peaceful moments—beneath the water—when it is possible to imagine what quiet must be like, without billions of minds in the background. Like water, this girl transports me away from the unending hum of human thought.
Cutting through the liquid toward the opposite end of the pool, I surface where the water is open to the stars above, aware that I am awaiting the peacefulness of her slumber. Instead, her rest is agitated, plagued by tiny whimpers and shudders. Her restlessness makes me wonder: somewhere, deep in her subconscious, does she know that something has come for her?


  1. My oh my...! I want this, NOW! I want to read it so badly! Ever's mind is wonderful to read from and just plain wonderful... :D I don't know what it is about him, but his thoughts are so interesting. Even if I were reading thoughts of what he thinks about the morning paper, I would still think it was interesting. I hope I can read this one as soon as it's released! Thanks for sharing C.J.! ^_^ ~Hillary

  2. Hey Hillary! Awwwww! You're so sweet! Glad someone else is excited for Ever. ;-P I've been crazy busy with different projects, but I'm finally working on getting Ever up for pre-sale. How's everything going with you? Any big updates? I'll be back with news soon. Thanks so much for staying in touch! C.J.

    1. Of course I would be excited for Ever! I don't think I could/would ever mind reading from his POV. His mind is so interesting! ^_^ I've been find. I took this Fall off from school because I was feeling off about it. I'm still thinking whether I want to go this Spring or not though...And no big updates :) You're welcome! Can't wait to hear more! ~Hillary