Monday, October 29, 2012

The perils of editing (plus a teaser!)

Okay, my brain is a little on the scrambled side, so I can't remember if I mentioned it on the blog, but last week -- through the entire weekend -- I reviewed Never. It was supposed to be my last read through. Um, yeah. This is the problem with me and editing. ... I ended up tacking on an addition 15 pages or so to the book! Lots and lots of red track changes. This is how it went: Read two sentences on my Kindle. Rewrite two sentences on my computer. And so on for 300-plus pages.

The good news is that during my tinkering, I caught some additional errors -- I'm amazed at what I find when I'm reading on the Kindle as opposed to MS Word -- and ended up adding another scene at the end and drawing out a couple of the other scenes.

And let's just say that I also added some more spice. ;-) Air conditioning was definitely necessary by the time I finished.

The bad news is that I have to have someone double-check my track changes, because even if I re-read everything twice while I'm editing, there are always some mistakes that my tired brain doesn't catch! When I first started editing last week, I thought I was actually going go get the book up on Amazon over the weekend. Turns out I was being a little bit ambitious. No worries, though. I am still working as hard as I can to get the book out early!

To For Ever's super fans (I think you know who you are!), you guys are the best! Thanks again for all the encouragement. Never will be in your hands soon!

And now ... a little taste of spice:

I reach for the door, but Ever catches my other hand before I can pull away. The car’s interior is very warm, and his touch is like hot metal on my skin. His fingers intertwine with mine, and I close my eyes, feeling the tears roll down my cheeks. He reaches up with his other hand, his fingertips tracing the contours of my face. When his lips finally graze mine, I wrap my hands around his neck, trying to root myself in this moment.

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  1. Ahhh! I want to read this book already! (But I need to read the one before it :D) I am definitely going to have to get it before my birthday. I wonder why she's crying? Now that's going to circle around in my mind for a couple of days. Thanks for sharing that scene with us C.J.! n_n