Friday, August 3, 2012


W-O-W. I just typed the last words of Never. Cannot even describe how it feels. So much has changed since the end of For Ever. It is unreal.

My new -- possibly unrealistic -- goal is to scrap my original publish date and fast-track the editing process to release Never two months early, rather than on Valentine's Day 2013. But I think that's just the high of finishing the book talking. ;-)

I am unbelievably excited right now; it may take a few days for this to settle in. Then I have to start the rewriting/editing process. Left to my own devices, and with no deadline to stop me from the madness, it would drag out for ten months of tweaking every little word and editing in typos as I go.

Not this time! I am going to rein in the insanity. Pinky swear.

Love Fridays, but this one is even better.

NEVER. Done.

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