Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happily Ever After Part II

In an earlier post, I talked about the idea of happily ever after in reference to For Ever. I think a little piece of me doesn't quite recover when fictional characters that I love don't get their happily ever after. I guess I'm the same way with real-life characters, namely celebrities and people I know. For instance, when I hear about celebrity couples breaking up -- take even Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise -- I'm probably one of the few people who's like, "Really?" Because I'm always kind of hoping that everyone sails off into the sunset with his or her true love. Not reality, I know.

Yeah, it may make me naive, but I think, for me, it's necessary to be a little naive and hopeful in order to tell stories. You have to believe happy endings are at least possible.

That said, I'm closing in on the end of Never. It's been a bumpy ride, but I've enjoyed every second of it. After I get done editing it, it will be out of my hands. (Once the editing process is in full swing, I'll look for some teasers to share.) Then, very soon after that, it will be in your hands.

I'm working on my guest posts/interviews for the blog tour coming up in August. Lots of fun questions and topics, so thanks to the hosts for that. And if there isn't one during the tour, I'll be releasing a playlist here to go with For Ever.

Thanks again to those of you who have reached out and said you've enjoyed the book. You're the best!

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