Sunday, July 8, 2012


Thanks so much to everyone who has bought a copy of For Ever. I really hope some people are enjoying it and looking forward to the sequel, Never.

Now the bad news ...

Yesterday I came across a couple of sites that were hosting illegal copies of the book, which is upsetting for a few reasons. First, it's not fair to people who bought it or borrowed it on Amazon! Second, it puts me at risk of Amazon taking the book down ... and they'll freeze my account, meaning no more sequel. Third, it makes it harder for me to concentrate on finishing the sequel, which is 75 percent done, btw! Fourth, when your stuff is getting stolen and you're not making any money off of something you spent a lot of time working on, how do you support the next book, right? I can't, that's for sure. (Just think about someone stealing a chunk of your paycheck and then shrugging and saying, Well, I gave it out to like 500 people, so what are you so upset about?)

Up until yesterday, I never even considered that my work might be pirated by third parties. Then I saw a post by someone who knows people whose Amazon accounts have been frozen due to plagiarism/piracy claims. This surprised me: Someone who wrote a book was getting punished for someone else posting it without his/her knowledge. It also really scared me, because it puts the sequel in jeopardy.

For people looking forward to the sequel, I ask two things:

1. If you really liked For Ever and you're looking forward to the sequel (even if you got it on a file-sharing site!), let people know and write a quick review on Amazon if you have time. This helps out a lot if people who enjoyed it tell other people. I need fans -- like you -- to get the word out there.

2. If you were searching for this blog or more information about the sequel and you found a site that's posting illegally, let me know. If I'm aware of it, it's less likely that I'll get my Amazon account suspended -- and lose access to my means of getting the sequel out there.

Search terms that might land you on a site that is going to get me in trouble include: 4Shared, book piracy, buzzbox, copyright infringement, Digital Millenium Copyright Act, DMCA, file sharing, freebookspot, illegal download, MediaFire, Mobile9, Mobilism, piracy, pirated books, playergames, plrebooksdownload, rapidfile, rapidshare, CJ Valles For Ever epub, superiorz, take down

Help me make sure I can get Never out there and keep things fair for the people who shelled out the $0.99 to read For Ever.

Purchase a legit copy of the book on Amazon at:

Love and thanks to all!

(Big thanks to Stephanie Lawton, author of Want, for an exceptional post for indie authors about piracy.)


  1. OMG that sucks I just finished reading the book (after buying it for .99 cents at amazon) and can't wait for the next one.
    P.S people need to stop stealing ebooks and it's just .99 cents so it's not like they have a excuse to steal the ebook.

    1. Hey, Elizabeth! Thanks for responding. It really makes me feel better as the author to know that real people (like you!) bought For Ever and are looking forward to the sequel. And you make a really great point -- I don't even think you can get a regular coffee at Starbucks anymore for .99 cents, so that's not too bad for an entire book! I hope you enjoy Never when it comes out. Best, CJ