Wednesday, June 11, 2014

This is why I had to take a break from Sever ...

While writing the end of the book, I literally couldn't stop crying big ugly tears.

And moments ago, I wrote the last line of Sever! Teasers to come soon. Keep a sharp eye ...

To all of you who have waited patiently, thank you!

PS -- I haven't been checking e-mail or Facebook frequently, but I'll have a bit more time on my hands now that Sever will be going through the editing process!



  1. Awww C.J.! I'm not sure if I should say I'm sorry you cried so much or happy that you did...and what I mean from the latter is that if you cried so much that means it will emotionally impact me as well :) and is Sever really the last book in the series? or did you just mean last few pages of the book? Either way, I'm looking forward to reading this one! I'm sure there will be lots of fun stuff to read :D Best Wishes! -Hillary

    1. Hi, Hillary! How are you? I've had so many competing projects lately -- it's been kinda crazy! How about your writing projects? I'm going to have news soon about Sever, and hopefully a few other things. Any big plans for the summer? Thanks for hanging in there with me! ;-) Take care of yourself!

    2. Hi C.J. :D I'm great! I think I've done more for myself this year than ever before. I finally got my first job. And I'm glad you're writing a lot! Can't wait to hear about your other projects. My projects are eh...I'm going though that issue (or is it an issue?) where you start writing for that one story you wanted to write for years and then something triggers inspiration for another story. It happened twice and I'm hoping the story I'm working on will get to be finished. It's actually contemporary so it's different. And it was inspired by my work experience ^_^ I can't wait to hear more about Sever! I feel like I've been waiting for years :p No plans really for Summer. I just want to try to get that license already and save up money for this last semester coming in fall :) Thanks for always checking up on me! And you take care of yourself as well! -H

  2. Grrrr! I never got a notification about your comment. I *totally* know what you're going through with working on one story and having another one take over your brain! Actually, that's the reason (one of them anyway) that it took me so long to finish Sever. I kept getting interrupted by other stories! Unfortunately (or fortunately) I've never been able to "force" myself to write one story if I'm actually interested in another! Right now, I'm working on Ever's side of the story ... which is really interesting to hear his side after following Wren's point of view. I hope work's going well for you -- and I hope you get to take classes you're really interested in this fall! It's soooo important to focus on stuff you're passionate about. I'm always happiest when I'm doing something I love. Stay in touch. I'll be back soon with updates, so keep me updated on your stuff too. Good luck with your license -- I've got my fingers crossed for you! :-) CJ