Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Kidnapped ... by another project

Please send ransom. ;-p Kidding, kind of.

The truth is I've been writing like crazy, but unfortunately it hasn't been The Ever Series that I've been working on. I needed to take a breather from the third book, and another project that I had started a few months ago just kind of took over my life. I've been literally eating, sleeping, breathing it.

But never fear. The third book in The Ever Series is percolating in my head. I just won't have much time for it until after I find out about my jury duty coming up next month. The good news is that the paperback copy of Never will be up for sale very soon.

I promise I'll post with an update as soon as The Ever Series is in full swing again.


P.S. -- A special shout out to Hillary! I hope your writing is going well.


  1. It is going slowly but smoothly. I've unfortunately been bombarded with lots of projects and homework but I'm trying to catch up with it all so I can go back to the detailing process. I'm halfway done though! I still need to ask my friend about the drawings. She's been MIA for a while and I'm going to take my test for my permit hopefully soon (before March is here). Thanks for worrying though! I can't wait to know more about what's been grabbing all your attention! ^_^

  2. Slowly but smoothly is good! My writing usually goes fast and chaotically until I get stuck! You're about halfway?? WOW! I'm impressed, especially with all the other stuff you've got going on!

    Let me know how the permit test goes! I think I missed seven -- one away from not passing! Driving is easier than the permit test! LOL

    Have a great weekend! CJ

  3. I think everyone has their own styles to writing and preparing for it. I'm still finding my style but I think I'll get there (hopefully) sooner than later :) And I totally agree with you! I tried driving and it was a lot easier than studying ^_^ Have a great weekend as well!