Thursday, January 3, 2013

Back in Ever-land

So, I took a little vacation over the holidays and will be going in for a less-than-thrilling medical procedure tomorrow afternoon. As such, I've had little chance to work on the third book in The Ever Series. I did, however, have a good day working on the book yesterday! And let me tell you: this one is surprising me at every turn.

I'll start releasing teasers after I get the first draft done. It may take a while, but for now, I hope people are enjoying a little peek into Ever's mind with the first chapter of For Ever from his POV!

To those of you who have left the wonderful reviews of For Ever and Never in the US and the UK -- thank you! You are my heroes.

Happy New Year's! I hope everyone has a terrific 2013 ahead of them!!!


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  1. Happy New Year's to you too! And I hope you're okay and that you have a good medical procedure. Anything that has to do with doctor's scares me, but when you need to go, you need to go. So good luck C.J.!! And I can't wait to find out more for the Ever series! n_n